Thursday, 3 May 2012

Birthday Wishes for my best friend

Hi all,
Well today is my best friends 26th birthday. So what a perfect time for me to show you the card I made her. Now I must admit that I did copy the design out of the Making Cards magazine (May edition) and also used their free papers but this was a design that I could not resist for Michelle. She is absolutely obsessed with the 'Keep Calm' brand. She even has a custard jug with Keep Calm and Eat Custard. (this is a big thing for Michelle as she hated custard for years, but now has realised that she does like it and is now addicted) lol.
She will hate me for telling you all this but hey ho! lol

Here is a pic of the card. I absolutely love it.

Anyways must get going, lunch at work is almost over. Roll on 5 o'clock. Going to have my hair done then on to meet Michelle to go to the cinema and then out to Harvester tomorrow night. Yum Yum.

Thanks for looking.

Clare xxx

1 comment:

  1. This is a stunning card Clare. I must love everything about it.

    Elke XX